An Expression of Love

Curated by Shiela Escalante

This program explores the many ways people express their love to one another. In the first short film, “Paperman” – a man falls in love with a woman he just meets and tries to get her attention in an unconventional way. The second film, “Stutterer” a man who can’t communicate without stuttering falls in love with a woman online and decides whether he’s brave enough to take this in real life. Both films explore the different ways of expressing one’s self and showing that love is a universal language we all speak.

“Paperman” (2012) by John Kahrs, 6 minutes and 33 seconds

“Stutterer” (2015) by Benjamin Cleary, 12 minutes

About the Curator

Shiela Escalante is a cinema student and filmmaker at San Francisco State University. She currently resides in San Mateo, California.


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